A Day on Foot in Kirkland

As the summer continues to heat up, there will be plenty of fun going on in Kirkland. Of course the best way to enjoy a summer day is on foot and by the water… luckily for us, there is no better place to be a pedestrian than in Kirkland. Here is the guide to having the perfect day on foot in Kirkland.

shutterstock_1036276612.jpgStart your day. Located near the water on Central Way, is an inviting café, perfect for an easy start to the morning. Zoka has a great collection of small batch coffees and teas. Enjoy a London fog and a blueberry muffin while reading a captivating book and cuddling up in the outdoor seating area as you watch the sun make its way up high into the sky.

Get active in the late morning. Peter Kirk Community Center offers many different classes and activities to enjoy throughout the day. During select dates throughout the summer they will be offering Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga classes. This class offers shutterstock_570358483.jpga beautiful setting with a fun and relaxing unique experience. Additionally, yoga offers so many benefits to your body including improvements to your energy and increasing muscle strength.

Tasty lunch: Self-described as a neighborhood eatery, DERUmarket is placed out of the city center and off in the quiet neighborhood streets of Kirkland. DERU is an attraction to many, both from within Kirkland and from neighboring cities. Everything is made in-house and can be eaten in their Instagram-worthy seating areas or can just as easily be carried out and enjoyed elsewhere. The menu ranges from wood-fired pizza to meatloaf to salads… though their real claim to fame is their cake selection. Delicious and moist cakes that are made daily and vary day to day are a magnet to most of their diners. Some of their featured flavors are delicious coconut cakes or try their rich peanut butter chocolate cake. DERU is open for every meal and will not fail to satisfy, especially on a warm summer afternoon.

Take an afternoon walk. Stroll through the waterfront at Marina Park while perusing the Kirkland Wednesday Market. Kirkland’s farmers market is a great place for the members of the community to interact. Kids splash through the water and vendors sell beautiful items like fruits and jewelry. It is easy to navigate through the market because it lines the sidewalk along the beach. In the late day, it is a wonderful place to feel the pleasant breeze and give an opportunity to walk off the delectable cake you just ate.

shutterstock_591762800.jpgFinish your day with dinner and drinks. Located on Park Lane, Cactus is sure to be the solution to your hunger. Cactus serves an array of delicious Southwest, Spanish, and Mexican cuisine. Cactus has six different locations around the Seattle area due to their large success. Their first location opened in Madison park in 1990 and was actually home to the first Tapas bar in Seattle. Since then, Cactus has drawn many hungry customers who are sure to leave with a smile. Thanks to the beautiful summers that Seattle has to offer, there is wonderful outdoor seating at every location to soak up the rays. Park Lane offers a great venue because it is removed from the noisy street and very pedestrian friendly.

Kirkland has so many different adventures to embark on at this time of year. When the sun comes out, that is when the city thrives. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Author: Waddell Properties

Waddell Properties, Inc. is a private, locally owned business focusing on real estate development, investments and management, and has been in business for over 20 years. Our primary focus is residential apartment properties although we own and manage several commercial properties as well. Our philosophy is to own for the long term. We believe in keeping our properties in pristine condition, treating our residents and tenants fairly, providing a very high level of customer service and offering the best value in a given area.

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