Seattle is getting ready to switch gears from this sunny Seattle summer we have had, to its vibrant fall. Before this happens, it still has some tricks up its sleeve. Make sure to check out these upcoming events to get the most out of your summer! Here is our eventround up.

Friday August 31st Rooftop movie at the Motif Seattle Hotel- This fun event features Napoleon Dynamite with alongside some creative cocktails themed off the movie. This hotel located in downtown Seattle is challenging the common misconception that outdoor movies have to be located in parks; bringing them to a higher ground. They have been running these Friday night movies since late June and hopefully do it again next summer! Their movie selection is an exciting round up of comedy and drama; movies that anyone would enjoy!

shutterstock_366361793.jpgSaturday September 8th– The amazing musician Sam Smith is coming to Key Arena. His breathtaking voice is sensational and will truly light up the arena. Smith has produced what seems like hit after hit, making for an incredible opportunity to see him here in Seattle on his international tour.

Saturday September 15th: The Artisan Cheesemaker’s Festival is a fun event held at the Seattle Design Center. Not only do you get to taste wonderful cheese crafted in our home state, but they also have gone ahead to pair these cheeses with drinks so you can dissect the best flavor from it.

shutterstock_1031156875.jpgSeptember 21-23 Fremont Oktoberfest: Get a taste of the infamous Oktoberfest right here in Seattle. It is claimed to be in the top 10 places to celebrate Oktoberfest worldwide, which must mean it is awesome, given that so many cities around the world try to recreate this German event. There will be food trucks, beer tasting, music and so much more! Although it is a nontraditional Oktoberfest- it is bound to be a great time with some added Seattle flair.

Seahawks- The much-anticipated season is just around the corner! Bust out your blue and green and get ready for some “blue thunder!” No matter how they turn out this year- game day is always a blast whether watching from the comfort of your couch or up close in the bleachers at the stadium. Cheering on our hometown heroes makes for a spectacular time. Go to for the full season’s schedule. Go Hawks!

Fremont Sunday Market- Head on over to Fremont any Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm throughout the year to check out the outstanding market. The market has been running for 27 years and is filled with so many great items from up to 200 vendors. Streetfood, art, antiques and so much more. The location makes it perfect to pop in to the market and then head over to some great restaurants or cafes if you please. Find them at this address: 3401 Evanston Ave North Seattle

Sunday Public Sail- For the past 25 years, the Center for Wooden Boats has upheld a tradition of taking out the public on voyages for free, thanks to their volunteer crew! This is a fun outing for any Sunday. They do this year-round rain or shine with the exception of days where it is just too windy to take on. This is a great way to get out and explore the city from a new perspective!

This should be a fun September for Seattleites!

Author: Waddell Properties

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